Gallery 1313

Gallery 1313 is a non-profit, artist-run centre exhibiting local, national and international contemporary art. It is located at 1313 Queen Street West, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

The University of Manitoba and OCADU students, artists/instructors and Research Assistants will be exhibiting their artworks and digiCOVERS from March 31 until April 11, 2021.

Phil Anderson Executive Director of Gallery 1313 is dedicated to supporting the community through COVID-19.

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Unpacking Pandemic Pondering: Strain, Stress, and Subversion

Mikael Sandbloom, Twister Story, 2020.

For philosopher Gilles Deleuze, productions are collectively formed by a complex of bodies and environments; a complex that presents a series of plateaus or stratifications constantly becoming as they produce. The task of art, therefore, is not to reproduce mimetically, but to produce “signs” that will push us out of our habits of perception into the conditions of creation; a stance that tears apart the subject to create “discordant harmony.”

As exhibition, unpacking pandemic pondering: strain, stress, and subversion present multiple still works on a looped video overlaid with a music/sound score, a matrix evocative of artist/researcher producing-produced-becoming as identities, bodies, and social expectations collide.

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