Facilitator’s Artwork

Joanna Black and Sarah Paradis’ videos are reflections inhabiting personal and social spaces created during COVID-19. In this autoethnographic informed research creation project we address anxieties induced by COVID-19 and dissonant emergent tensions: digitalized life experiences with life preservers that refer to McLuhan’s maelstrom: digital spaces are ensnared by binary realities and a plethora of pathways that [dis/re]connect flotation devices between virtual/real worlds.  

To see the videos please refer to Gallery 1313 virtual exhibition here (Opening Tuesday April 6th, 2021).

COVID-19 Spaces: Self Portrait by Joanna Black, 2021.
[Dis]connection by Sarah Paradis, 2021.

ResearchLIFE Article (2021)

UM Today Article (2021)

Winnipeg Free Press Article: Anxiety unmasked: Pandemic-focused digital art project explores art’s power to express dread, address social issues, convey hope By: Jen Zoratti | Posted: 7:00 PM CDT Wednesday, Apr. 14, 2021