Transition of Power

Sabrina Saad, Rachel Cumpsty & John Smith, 2021.

In this triptych a dystopian apocalyptic world is depicted using a narrative structure in which animals rule and humans are the endangered species. We are working with concepts of propaganda, war, and liminal spaces. The first part of the digiCOVER is a depiction of a planet in which a take-over of humans is undertaken by animals. We envisioned this digiCOVER and the one with the skulls, almost as warnings for humans in our dystopian society. The third part of the digiCOVER is a depiction of a main figure, who is now the overlord of North America named ‘Charles the Cheetah’. Ultimately, we are illustrating a fictitious world in which roles are swapped and where death is more imminent for humans. We perceive the possibility of these covers being plastered in a multitude of locations in our new animal dominated countries.