Zoya Kostetsky, 2021.

Among the incredible challenges and strains healthcare workers face daily, COVID 19 has had a tremendous impact. Burnout, fatigue, anxiety, stress, and the overall well-being of our healthcare workers is steadily impacting their lives. In my artwork, RED, I am unveiling the suffocation that our healthcare workers face during COVID-19. Through portraiture and manipulation, I have created a haze of healthcare workers where glimpses into their everyday lives are seen –ultimately obscuring their identity. The idea of identity of these workers is important to me because these incredible people are often left faceless and nameless, which is why I obscured these images. My influence for this work was my own mother, working tirelessly on the frontlines every day. The title RED encapsulates the tense anxiety which is present while working with a code red patient – which means a positive COVID 19 person so sick within the hospital.