Beauty and the Bleak

Aaron Shand, Jeremy Kamminga, Roberto De Paz & Ryan Karhut, 2021.

We depict symbolic contrast within our artwork of a world out of whack. This digiCOVER represents effects that COVID-19 has had on the environment and our society. Depicted is The Forks in downtown Winnipeg. In the past it was an important meeting ground for the Indigenous; in the present it is a vital hub for Winnipeggers. Masks depict the increasing waste/pollution in spaces within our lives. The main tower appears to be unstable, portraying a world out of kilter. The crowns (corona ironically means crown in Spanish) are flowing freely in the air infecting people: some are tied down by chains to represent the restraint the virus has put on human lives. Here, they are enjoying the space they have taken from people as they are having a social gathering in a world contrasted by shades of greys to show the bleakness at times during this pandemic, yet the bright colours of the trees illustrate rejuvenation of our environment during COVID-19.